Build Habit, Enjoy Life 3 - Create first milestone, tracking and feedback mechanism

With previous two posts, and with some time thinking, you should have your annual mission statement and annual goals now. My two biggest challenges are:

1. Lose 17.85 Kg to reach my health weight (now I have lost more than 15Kg)
2. Speak at one conference, I did that in August

What are your first milestone goals? First,  I will suggest to pick one hardest and easy to measure goal and don't setup first milestone with other goals. And you should simply set first month as your annual goal for the time period. I choose three months as period because there are too many uncertain just for one month. In my case, I chose weight lose and set first milestone goal as losing 4.5 kg. Your annual goal should be reviewed or updated after every 3 months so that you will have right values and when you start to understand more. 

How would you achieve your first milestone? There are many ways to do that. Don't be ambitious and try all of them. Focus more and see whether it works. My weight losing just started with walking 45 minutes minimum each time and minimum 4 hours a week. And it helped me losing 2 kgs in first month. When time goes on, there is a require of different way to keep you on target. But first, it is as simple as just one. It is much better to do with JUST one. 

Find a tool for tracking your progress. It make everything visible and easy to understand. I have chosen Run Keeeper for my personal fitness goal setup and tracking. Their web interface is excellent. The only glitch is that logging weight function is buggy and it takes long time to log in their Android mobile app. But I do like the web interface for tracking goals like following. 

And I haven't found a good tracking tools for learning and development. I am building one called "KareerTracker" at the moment. The goal setting and tracking are very convenient and easy to do because it is much faster than RunKeeper. And another advantage of the KareerTraker is that it will give you alert if you are far behind. I love this one a lot because it instantly tells me whether I am on track or not. But it still growing and we are still building social tools and rewards tools around goals using theory around becoming master with 10,000 hours from Outlier. (Follow us at http://www.linkedin.com/company/kareertracker )

All these tools give us feedback mechanism and that is why I love those tools. And dont worry if you are behind. Just try and adjust, find new ways to improve if you find yourself stuck. And there always a plateau from time to time. If you see that more than 3 weeks, you should try to find a new way to conquer it and don't give up on old ways in short term. 

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