Build Habits and Enjoy Life - 1

A day in December 2013,  my days started with I pushed my little girl going to kinder garden. She cried and I still tried to push because I definitely would be late. And in the office, I faced with many "urgent" issues. It made myself feel important. But there is NOTHING important which has been done. After coming, I read a story to my little girl in a hurry and try to come back either trying to catch-up in technical front or catch-up in people management books. It was a typical day for me in any day in 2013. But luckily, I start listening an audio book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" (Stephen Covey) from audible.com. The book opens me new view about my life and with my knowledge lean Kanban, I started a journey of changing myself from January 2014.

With identify my missions, quantify my goals and measuring my progress towards goals, my life has changed a lot.

In past 7 months, I have lost 16 kg and much healthier than before. Now my day starts with waiting for my girls prepares herself for kinder garden. My job doesn't full of "urgent" things. I starts to focus more value generation instead of just solving problems. And I have more free time to improve myself and start dedicating one of weekend to my family. And I am starting to find out my dream and starting build a startup for that.

I want to share my experience with you.

Build Your Mission

The missions has guided my activity in past 8 months. The biggest benefits that I get from these is that I can prioritize things in my life very easily with these. I personally compared the ordered books from me in Amazon.com. This year's books are all about two topics. But last years, it is around five topics. Although I dont read as many books as last year, I did feel that my skills around two topics have become much better comparing with last year. In the job, I personally tried to involved less in the activities that I don't have in my mission statement. With that, I can focus on the things that I have more interest on.

And in summary, I have focus things more important for my long term goals.

With guidance from the book, I personally classified my missions into 4 parts. They are:
  • Career Development and Path
  • Family and its value
  • Community (People around you and what is your value to community)
  • Healthy and other long term goals
All of them are important to my personal growth and feelings. 

There is the tool at Franklin Covey website, http://www.franklincovey.com/msb/, which help me a lot on building my personal mission and my family mission. 

If you have any question, feel free to let me know. In the following sessions, I will share about my experience in the following topics:

  • How to create quantified annual goals from your missions
  • Create first milestones for you goals and how to create feedback loop
  • Time management with prioritization and Kanban
  • Try different solutions but keep focus
  • Dont forget about celeberation
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