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Since January 2012,  I started using resources on the internet for my career development because of a limited training budget. I felt so excited that I had world-class trainings from Amazon, Twitter, Udemy, edX and General Assembly without a big budget just like friends from big corporates. But I did find there are several roadblocks:

  1. What is next step for my career? I don’t know
  2. Time wasted on low quality resources
  3. Time and knowledge wasted while changing topics

During the last one and half years, I personally discovered several ways which help me focus and improve effectiveness for informal learning.

As I am from a software development background there are two choices, either continue being an individual contributor and becoming an architect or improving my leadership and people management skills. As I was not a native english speaker and my communication skills were not great,  an easier choice would be to become architect. But I love working with people and helping others grow in their career. So I have been working toward the people management direction with a guide from several good friends and mentors.

With that in mind, I started cleaning up twitter followings which were my major social resources for learning so that I can keep focused. A great resource I recently found was LinkedIn Pulse which had some great articles, however I did find their recommendation didn’t work well for my learning purpose.

Since December 2013, I started to create  monthly goals for a skill with one or two keywords from books and online courses. I found that works really well to keep me focused and bring up my specific skills. With a goal in mind, I am not so distracted by different topics and interests too. Of course, I can still learn other topics. But those are chosen with more care now.

This year during Melbourne’s LAST (Lean Agile System Thinking) conference I presented “Agility for Big Data” . This helps businesses deliver big data application into the market with shorter timeframe.  

We are developing a product that defines career paths with mentors, recommends high quality resources and keeps track of your activities toward goals.  Even better, we can develop the product with your input to bring an innovative and affordable learning experience.

Please find my contact details below:

Mobile: 0401 651 178
Email: charlie@kareertracker.com

How to join as our ProUsers (Android App only at the moment, iOS app out around Decmember 2014)
1. Register as our ProUsers by registering to this group:http://groups.google.com/d/forum/kareertracker-prousers
2. After that, wait around 4~5 mins, then access the following URL to confirm as beta testing user for Android App:https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.studyisfun.kareertracker
3. There is download link after confirm as testing user, download and you have a KareerTracker in your hand now
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