What bring me to agile world

What bring me to agile world and what keep me doing these? After listening Mike Lee's talk at YOW 2012, it is true inspirint topic. The question keep poping up at my head. I feel myself lost recently with Agile.

What bring me to Agile?

First thing that I was into agile because it will bring maximum benefits to developers and cut lots of waste. At that time, I don't scrum yet. All I do is to let developer to be as everything from projet manager, architect, software engineer and tester. I started trying the concepts at my own business around 2003. I find out that developer meet customers will deliver product into customer hand in much shorter cycle time and much  higher quality (I mean mostly customer won't send any complain about product delivered).  Customer is very satified. Developers feel achievement too. And every developers in my business can do that at that time. 

Second thing is that bring maximum value to customer. When developer communicate directly with customer,   putting what and how together can fit solutions into budget and quickly deliver solutions. And mostly importantly, mentality of customers and developers are always in the same line. 

Third thing is minimizing waste. I personally believe different roles in software development have bring lots of waste into the industry. Everything changed needs to communicate. My experiements before prove that we can deliver a project a minimum time expected if we can leave all decision to developers. 

I find myself lost in words recently like continuous deployment, velocity, cycle time and so on. As complexity of system, using that to measure performance is non-sense and counter productive. 

I believe that I will continue my support of agile and lean and shall never forget about why I love agile. 
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