2013 Goals

Personal Health:
- Exercise 120 Minutes per Week (this and following item has been merged)
- Bicycling to train stations 2 days a week
- Bicycle in average 4 hours a week
- Go to bed before 12:00PM

Family Health:
- Towards more health diets
- Schedule family traveling to increase communication and family mentality sync
   . A trip South Australia
   . Schedule a return trip back to China
   . Schedule a trip to country side

Personal Growth:
- Atthend Melbourne Uni MBA Classes (Remove from List)
- Join 2-3 Conference at least one focus on Lean and another one focus on trending of technology
   . Joined Lean/Agile/System Thinking Camp
- A blog post a month around Agile/Lean (need some boost for this)
   . Collecting topics
   . Trying to catch up to make up 1 in month in average

- Attend lean or scrum meetup once a month (too busy to keep it)
- Attend 2-3 Conference and start spread network (need more work)

Professional Development: 
- Start to know one colleague a month out of product/support/engineering team (Started Coffee Club, it works in some way; Need to solve the problemt hat uncertainy commitment from sales teams)
- Help defining Agile culture in other departments and senior managers (Spread agile culture through the Coffee Club at the moment)
- Apply system thinking for organization changes (need more reading and study for this)
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