My Agile Failures - Deliver Software Frequently without Enough Safenet

"Deliver software Frequently" becomes symbol being agile. As my previous post, I am talking about that delivery software to production is not finish line because feedback loop has not finished just with that. This post I will talk about deliver software frequently without building enough safe-net or not enough infrastructure.

Recently, I have been push software from releasing every week to several times a week. But in the same time, there was an incident happened. Of course, there are many reason behind that. There are always many reason behind an incident. But the most important lesson that I learn from that is safe-net for delivering quickly.

The basic assumption that a team should have is that if there is a failure, what we can do. How can we achieve rollback without customer notice or with minimal impact. "Fail more often" doesn't mean that you can fail more often. But it is a mindset that

. We gona to fail and we should have a way and capacity to quickly recover
. We should learn from our failure

Failure doesn't necessary a system failure, it can be that metrics shows that business hypothesis failed.

And I personally found "Post Mortem" is a good way keep us learning from failure in real time. Dont let similar bad things happen more than three times.

What is your failure experience with delivering software more often?
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