My Agile Failures - Customer Value and Failure Demand

Agile first principle: "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software."  So first of my thought that means that we should deliver customer value as quick as possible. As highly experienced developer and architect, a customer value does not only include function delivered, but also include non-functional requirements including quality, security and others. 

But with monitoring in place, it doesn't seems that our agile delivery bring more significant sales into business.  So which part goes wrong. A recent read of John Seddon article bring some lights on that. In his article, he talk about failure demand - "demand caused by a failure to do something or do something right for the customer".  Most of our "agile" delivery are delivering wrong thing quickly. 

There are few wrong sides for things delivered:

1. Miscommunication and information lost
2. Someone else did that and that is valuable to our customers too
3. Never analysis root cause of customer business problem; So solution can't solve the most important problem

Sprint Review has been prescribed in SCRUM as part of process. But our product delivery and customer value feedback were just skipped after sprint review. And there were no continuous improvement process related to product development and provision. 

What I am trying at the moment

1. I have setup Kanban to visualize whole product delivery process including MVP provisions 
2. Plan to have some review meeting like sprint review. But it focuses more on product delivery to customer. 

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