My Agile Failures - No or Long Customer Feedback Loop

For agile journey, most of companies focus on engineering practice like TDD, BDD, Automatic Testing, and Continuous Deployment. But the everything in agile is about shorting customer feedback loop time. Without it, agile practice will mean nothing to business. It will only become purely cost side for business.

The hardest thing in Agile is about involving customer / customer proxy in every stage of development including analysis, development, UI testing and customer satisfactory survey. Without customer feedback, any decision to change or add feature to a product is gut feeling and guess. Production vision is build from experience and vision. But to build a software product can survive, it is about to build an innovative product which support ever change customer's need. 

In my agile experience, I have seen similar problems happening from time to time where there is lack of customer interaction and there is no define of success for a story/feature. If the situation continues, it will cause friction between business and development teams. 

I still in progress build such feedback loop, I am trying following ways:

1. Get customers into UAT stage
2. Setup early access environment so that customer can access newly released features
3. Setup monitoring/tracking strip for user actions
4. Involve customers and other stakeholders at grooming sessions
5. Try to change to business culture to understand importance to have customer/customer proxy in house/easier to access while product delivery process

Do you have any suggestion for this? 

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